New Patient Treatment, 90min, $125

Your first visit will include a initial patient intake, including both written and verbal description of your state of health, current concerns, injuries, and goals for treatment. This visit will allow for my assessment of your overall state of health, as well as specific disorder/disease diagnosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture. I will design an individualized treatment approach, including number of visits and additional modalities (e.g., cupping, Chinese medical massage, nutrition therapy, and/or herbal treatment), to meet your specific health concerns and wellness goals. Do note that it is nearly impossible to make significant progress in just one treatment, and I often recommend a series of at least three visits for necessary diagnostic and treatment protocols to be established.

Please dress in a comfortable manner and be prepared to relax. Although acupuncture needles are tiny and virtually painless, you may feel a sensation of tingling, numbness, achy, heaviness, warmth, opening, and/or fullness when the needle interacts with your body's energy. 

Follow Up Treatment, 60min, $85

During follow up treatments, I will continue to address any ongoing injuries or conditions we discussed during our initial intake. For example, a sprained ankle may show 50-80% resolution after a single treatment, but continued care is generally necessary to return to complete pain-free mobility.

Wellness Treatments, 45min, $60

These treatments provide continued opportunities for a quick visit to boost your immunity, relax your mind, relieve stress, revitalize your energy, or follow up for athletes seeking peak performance. Expect a targeted set of points designed to tune-up your mind/body/spirit. The treatment approach may be seasonal or body-system specific. Some examples include improved athletic performance, increased metabolism, high-intensity sports recovery, enhanced sleep, etc.

Nutrition Therapy, 15min, $20

Traditional Chinese Medicine places emphasis on dietary theory to assist you on the path to whole body wellness. Food has energetic effects on the body depending on an individual's constitution, the season, and the nature of each food, which includes temperature as well as five flavors (sour, bitter, sweet, acrid, and salty), each of which affects the body in different ways. I will design food recommendations for your personal circumstances based on your constitution and your particular health concerns or goals.

Many chronic health conditions are caused or perpetuated by an underlying level of inflammation in the body -- including but not limited to stress, recurrent pain, joint pain, weight gain or difficult weight loss, headaches, sleep disorders. I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living program as a metabolic reset to reduce and eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet. If you would decide to purchase the Healthy Living Program, the fee for Nutrition Therapy is applied towards your purchase.

Herbal Consultation, 15-30min, price varies

Herbal treatments, including both topical and internal, can play a crucial role in your continued wellness. Herbs may be taken internally for prevention of illness, during an acute attack, or for chronic conditions. Topical application of herbal products can make a drastic difference in the speed of recovery from an injury or to combat common aches and pains. These consultations can be combined with acupuncture treatments, or many times can be useful as a standalone appointment in between other regularly scheduled visits.


Please Note: I do not accept insurance, but I do provide a superbill for your convenience if your insurance covers an out-of-network acupuncture provider.