Your path to health always begins with a choice, and my goal is to help you find optimal wellness through acupuncture, cupping and nutrition. Thank you for your trust in me!


Relieve stress! Reduce pain naturally!
You’ll hear me joke that "half the treatment is just getting on the table to relax," but many of us simply don't take enough time to proactively manage stress. Acupuncture stimulates the body's natural healing ability, balances the nervous system, calms anxiety, promotes relaxation, improves immune response, reduces systemic inflammation, and relieves pain.


Mini massage! Myofascial release technique!
We all need a recovery strategy, be it from an intense work out or too much time at your desk. Cupping is a very effective therapy that releases the bound fascia of the symptomatic area and increases micro-circulation. Cupping stimulates blood flow, promotes lymphatic movement, encourages release of tight muscles and fascia, speeds tissue repair, and helps increase flexibility and mobility for optimal performance.


Proper nutrition is of paramount importance to health and daily dietary choices impact your overall wellness. Nutrition can either contribute to chronic pain and inflammation or help you to conquer and exceed your personal fitness goals. The premise of Chinese nutrition therapy is to eat in accordance with your body's constitution and make seasonal adjustments to create harmonious digestion, which leads to proper metabolic processing and increased energy. Arbonne’s vegan, GMO-free nutritional supplements provide easy solutions for healthy living.